Sharon Castro

I have had an ongoing love affair with horses since I was a toddler. My life has always revolved around equines and after a twenty five year career working with Thoroughbred race horses, I have traded in my helmet for a camera. With my photography I try to capture the romance and grandeur that these great and mighty beings have always evoked in my dreams. 
  The sport of Polo has become my latest passion and addiction. The power and grace of both the horses and the riders is simply breathtaking. Movements are fluid and natural and yet filled with emotion and beauty. It's both mesmerizing and intoxicating. 
  Photographing dogs on the other hand, is just plain fun! While horses are the subjects in my romantic visions, dogs may indeed be my soul mates. Sharing a home with three very different fur personalities, I can see myself quite clearly in each of them. They are constantly teaching me and challenging me. I love meeting new dogs and watching through the camera lens as they unveil their personalities. Whether stoic or animated they are always amusing to observe and I just love being in their company. 
  Member of NAPP, National Association of Photoshop Professionals and EPNet, Equine Photographers Network.